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Guilt-free moissanite is more beautiful than diamonds.

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Moissanite Outshines Diamonds

I never understood the desire so many people have that makes them want to own diamond jewelry, especially with the negative things attached to diamonds such as child slave labor. Well, thanks to man-made moissanite, people can have the sparkle without the guilt. Moissanite has a more brilliant sparkle than diamonds and it's affordable (a fraction of the cost of diamonds).


I don't usually like jewelry and diamonds never interested me, but moissanite is so beautiful that even I am tempted to buy some moissanite jewelry for myself just so I can look at it every day. I'll never forget when I walked into a Helzberg Diamonds store years ago and saw moissanite jewelry for the first time. It was almost like a religious experience. Finally, jewelry that truly impressed and surprised me. Once you see with your own eyes that moissanite has two–and–a–half times the fire of any diamond, you want to buy moissanite jewelry for yourself and everyone you know.

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