The Mandela Effect and Multiple Realities

Parallel universes are not colliding and no one is going back in time to change trivial things.

Opinion page by Duane Alan Hahn.

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I did not come up with the ideas on this page on my own. I have been influenced by all kinds of videos and articles on the Internet. This page is what I think might be true based on what I've seen, heard and read, mixed with my own experiences and discernments.


There are an unlimited number of realities or parallel universes or alternate universes or whatever you want to call them. There are wildly different versions and ones that aren't much different from what you normally experience. If you are like most people, your consciousness/spirit/soul usually stays within a tight range of realities, so you don't notice a difference as your consciousness moves between them. Each reality runs on automatic, like a holographic computer program. If your consciousness isn't there to control your body in any of the other realities, life goes on. The “program” takes over and the soulless versions of you make choices based on your personality. Changing your vibration is usually the only way to move your consciousness to a significantly different reality. Changing your vibration more drastically than normal will cause your consciousness to jump to a reality that has even more differences than your usual range of realities.


The problem is that something strange has happened. Moving between significantly different realities has become easier. The movement of your consciousness from reality to reality is no longer based on your personal vibration and I think I finally might know why. Remember, your consciousness isn't inhabiting all of the other versions of you, so when you aren't there, those other versions of you are on autopilot, controlled by a program or the Matrix or whatever you want to call it. Those computer controlled versions of you can't see changes in reality because it isn't happening to them. Changes are only noticeable by a body that is currently inhabited by a consciousness/spirit/soul.


If correct, that would mean any other person who also sees changes to reality has a soul, just like you. People who see no changes are soulless at the moment and are being controlled by the holographic program (or the Matrix if you want to call it that). Evil entities might be hacking the Matrix on purpose to help them track down consciousnesses/spirits/souls. They'll keep sending out a vibration that keeps moving our consciousnesses from reality to reality until enough of us become vocal and bring attention to ourselves. It might be the only way they can track us down.


Many people claim that the Mandela Effect is nothing but collective false memories, but most of those people are probably soulless, so why argue with them? Those computer controlled people have only experienced the reality in front of them, so nothing has changed in their lives. Arguing with them is a waste of time and pointing out changes that we see might be the worst thing we can do. Pretending to be mainstream automatons who only care about money, sex, and power might be the only thing that can save our souls.





Mischievous Time Travelers

Some people would like us to believe that evil time travelers are messing with things like product names, logos, and lines in movies, but nobody is going back in time to change little things like that. Our consciousnesses are simply moving between similar realities that already have those differences. The realities we are moving to are probably going to get a lot less similar as time goes on if we are really being moved on purpose.





Before the Mandela Effect

Years before I ever heard of the Mandela Effect, my family moved to a new house near the end of 2006. There were some trees at the side of the backyard that we didn't pay that much attention to. After a few years, my mother and I started talking about how the number of trees seemed to change. Sometimes there were 4 trees and sometimes there were 5. One day when there were 5 trees, we asked her husband how many trees there were and he said there have always been 5 trees. We asked him again when there were 4 trees and he said that there have always been 4 trees.


It seems that my mother and I were moving from reality to reality together. Her husband must have been one of the many soulless empty shells that go about their business in most realities. I think a lot of people we see out in whatever reality we are experiencing at the time never had souls. They are just programs or are controlled by a program.





May 2017

This change to reality is really mundane. I have a stack of oval-shaped bowls in a cupboard that have always needed to be put in at an angle since I first got them because they are too long to go in straight. Now they suddenly fit in straight, without needing to put them in at an angle. Nothing about the cupboard has changed. It's not warped and the back is as flat as it has always been.





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