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An alphabetical list of unique Atari 2600 NTSC games.

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Below is an alphabetical list of unique Atari 2600 NTSC games that were released in North America between 1977 and 1992. The following are not included: PAL games, contest cartridges, hacks, illegal knockoffs, and repackaged games with different names.


007, James Bond (Parker Brothers)

3-D Tic-Tac-Toe (Atari)


A Game Of Concentration [original title: Hunt & Score] (Atari)

Activision Decathlon (Activision)

Adventure (Atari)

Adventures of Tron (M Network)

Air Raid (Men-A-Vision)

Air Raiders (M Network)

Air-Sea Battle (Atari)

Airlock (Data Age)

Alien (20th Century Fox)

Alpha Beam with Ernie (Atari)

Amidar (Parker Brothers)

Armor Ambush (M Network)

Artillery Duel (Xonox)

Assault (Bomb)

Asteroids (Atari)

Astroblast (M Network)

Atari Video Cube (Atari)

Atlantis (Imagic)


Bachelor Party (Mystique/PlayAround)

Bachelorette Party (PlayAround)

Backgammon (Atari)

Bank Heist (20th Century Fox)

Barnstorming (Activision)

Baseball, Pete Rose (Absolute Entertainment)

Baseball, RealSports (Atari)

Baseball, Super (Atari)

Baseball, Super Challenge (M Network)

Basic Math (Atari)

BASIC Programming (Atari)

Basketball (Atari)

[Basketball] Double Dunk (Atari)

Battlezone (Atari)

Beefsteak Tomatoes, Revenge of the (20th Century Fox)

Beamrider (Activision)

Beany Bopper (20th Century Fox)

Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em (Mystique/Playaround)

Berenstain Bears (Coleco)

Bermuda Triangle (Data Age)

Berzerk (Atari)

Big Bird’s Egg Catch (Atari)

Birthday Mania (Personal Games Company)

Blackjack (Atari)

Blueprint (CBS)

BMX Air Master (TNT Games)

Boing! (First Star Software)

Bowling (Atari)

Boxing (Activision)

Boxing, RealSports (Atari)

Brain Games (Atari)

Breakout (Atari)

Bridge (Activision)

Buck Rogers (Sega)

Bugs (Data Age)

Bump ’n’ Jump (M Network)

Bumper Bash (Spectravideo)

BurgerTime (M Network)

Burning Desire (PlayAround)


Cakewalk (CommaVid)

California Games (Epyx)

Canyon Bomber (Atari)

Carnival (Coleco)

Casino (Atari)

Cathouse Blues (PlayAround)

Centipede (Atari)

Challenge (Zellers) [Converted from PAL to NTSC and sold in Canada by Zellers. Barely worth mentioning.]

Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision)

Championship Soccer (Atari)

Chase The Chuck Wagon (Ralston Purina)

Checkers (Activision)

Checkers, Video (Atari)

Chess, Video (Atari)

China Syndrome (Spectravision)

Chopper Command (Activision)

Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox)

Circus Atari (Atari)

Cobra Strike, G.I. Joe (Parker Brothers)

CocoNuts (Telesys)

Codebreaker (Atari)

Combat (Atari)

Commando (Activision)

Commando Raid (U.S. Games)

Communist Mutants From Space (Starpath)

Concentration, A Game Of [original title: Hunt & Score] (Atari)

Condor Attack (Ultravision)

Congo Bongo (Sega)

Cookie Monster Munch (Atari)

Cosmic Ark (Imagic)

Cosmic Commuter (Activision)

Cosmic Corridor (Zimag)

Cosmic Creeps (Telesys)

Cosmic Swarm (CommaVid)

Crackpots (Activision)

Crash Dive (20th Century Fox)

Crazy Climber (Atari)

Cross Force (Spectravision)

Crossbow (Activision)

Crypts Of Chaos (20th Century Fox)

Crystal Castles (Atari)

Custer’s Revenge (Mystique/Playaround)


Dark Cavern (M Network)

Dark Chambers (Atari)

Deadly Duck (20th Century Fox)

Death Star Battle, Star Wars (Parker Brothers)

Death Trap (Avalon Hill)

Decathlon (Activision)

Defender (Atari)

Defender II [original title: Stargate] (Atari)

Demolition Herby (Telesys)

Demon Attack (Imagic)

Demons to Diamonds (Atari)

Desert Falcon (Atari)

Dice Puzzle (Panda)

Dig Dug (Atari)

Dishaster (Zimag)

Dodge ‘Em (Atari)

Dolphin (Activision)

Donkey Kong (Coleco)

Donkey Kong Junior (Coleco)

Double Dragon (Activision)

Double Dunk (Atari)

Dragonfire (Imagic)

Dragonstomper (Starpath)

Dragster (Activision)


Earth Dies Screaming (20th Century Fox)

EarthWorld, SwordQuest (Atari)

Eggomania (U.S. Games)

Eli’s Ladder (Simage)

Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars (Parker Brothers)

Encounter at L-5 (Data Age)

Enduro (Activision)

Entombed (U.S. Games)

Escape From the Mindmaster (Starpath)

Espial (Tigervision)

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (Atari)

Exocet (Panda)

Extra Terrestrials (Skill Screen Games)


Fantastic Voyage (20th Century Fox)

Fast Eddie (20th Century Fox)

Fast Food (Telesys)

Fathom (Imagic)

Final Approach (Apollo)

Fire Fighter (Imagic)

Fire Fly (Mythicon)

Fireball (Starpath)

FireWorld, SwordQuest (Atari)

Fishing Derby (Activision)

Flag Capture (Atari)

Flash Gordon (20th Century Fox)

Football (Atari)

Football, RealSports (Atari)

Football, Super (Atari)

Football, Super Challenge (M Network)

Frankenstein’s Monster (Data Age)

Freeway (Activision)

Frogger (Parker Brothers)

Frogger (Starpath)

Frogger II ThreeeDeep! (Parker Brothers)

Frogs and Flies (M Network)

Front Line (Coleco)

Frostbite (Activision)

Fun With Numbers [original title: Basic Math] (Atari)


Galaxian (Atari)

Game Of Concentration, A [original title: Hunt & Score] (Atari)

Gamma-Attack (Gammation)

Gangster Alley (Spectravision)

Gas Hog (Spectravideo)

Gauntlet (Answer Software)

Ghost Manor (Xonox)

Ghostbusters (Activision)

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike (Parker Brothers)

Gigolo (PlayAround)

Glacier Patrol (Telegames)

Glib (Selchow & Righter)

Golf (Atari)

Gopher (U.S. Games)

Gorf (CBS)

Grand Prix (Activision)

Gravitar (Atari)

Great Escape (Bomb)

Gremlins (Atari)

Guardian (Apollo)

Gyruss (Parker Brothers)


Halloween (Wizard Video)

Hangman (Atari)

Haunted House (Atari)

H.E.R.O. (Activision)

He-Man, Masters of the Universe (M Network)

Home Run (Atari)

Human Cannonball (Atari)

Hunt & Score (Atari)


I Want My Mommy (Zimag)

Ice Hockey (Activision)

Ikari Warriors (Atari)

Indy 500 (Atari)

Infiltrate (Apollo)

International Soccer (M Network)


James Bond 007 (Parker Brothers)

Jawbreaker (Tigervision)

Jedi Arena, Star Wars (Parker Brothers)

Journey Escape (Data Age)

Joust (Atari)

Jr. Pac-Man (Atari)

Jungle Fever (PlayAround)

Jungle Hunt (Atari)


Kaboom! (Activision)

Kangaroo (Atari)

Karate (Ultravision)

Keystone Kapers (Activision)

Killer Satellites (Starpath)

King Kong (Tigervision)

Knight On The Town (PlayAround)

Kool-Aid Man (M Network)

Krull (Atari)

Kung-Fu Master (Activision)


Lady in Wading (PlayAround)

Laser Blast (Activision)

Laser Gates (Imagic)

Lochjaw (Apollo)

Lock ‘N’ Chase (M Network)

London Blitz (Avalon Hill)

Lost Caverns, Pitfall II (Activision)

Lost Luggage (Apollo)


M*A*S*H (20th Century Fox)

M.A.D. (U.S. Games)

Malagai (Answer Software)

Mangia’ (Spectravideo)

Marauder (Tigervision)

Marine Wars (Konami)

Mario Bros. (Atari)

Master Builder (Spectravideo)

Masters of the Universe - The Power of He-Man (M Network)

Math Gran Prix (Atari)

Maze Craze (Atari)

Mega Force (20th Century Fox)

Megamania (Activision)

Midnight Magic (Atari)

Millipede (Atari)

Mindmaster, Escape From the (Starpath)

Miner 2049er (Tigervision)

Miner 2049er Volume II (Tigervision)

Mines of Minos (CommaVid)

Miniature Golf (Atari)

Missile Command (Atari)

Mogul Maniac (Amiga)

Montezuma’s Revenge (Parker Brothers)

Moon Patrol (Atari)

Moonsweeper (Imagic)

Motocross Racer (Xonox)

MotoRodeo (Atari)

Mountain King (CBS)

Mouse Trap (Coleco)

Mr. Do! (Coleco)

Mr. Do!’s Castle (Parker Brothers)

Ms. Pac-Man (Atari)

Music Machine (Sparrow)


Name This Game (U.S. Games)

Nexar, The Challenge of (Spectravision)

Night Driver (Atari)

No Escape! (Imagic)


Obelix (Atari)

Off The Wall (Atari)

Official Frogger (Starpath)

Oink! (Activision)

Omega Race (CBS)

Oscar’s Trash Race (Atari)

Othello (Atari)

Out Of Control (Avalon Hill)

Outlaw (Atari)


Pac-Man (Atari)

Pac-Man, Jr. (Atari)

Pac-Man, Ms. (Atari)

Party Mix (Starpath)

Pelé’s Soccer [original title: Championship Soccer] (Atari)

Pengo (Atari)

Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute Entertainment)

Phaser Patrol (Starpath)

Philly Flasher (PlayAround)

Phoenix (Atari)

Picnic (U.S. Games)

Piece O’ Cake (U.S. Games)

Pigs in Space (Atari)

[Pinball] Bumper Bash (Spectravideo)

Pinball, Video (Atari)

Pitfall! (Activision)

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (Activision)

Planet Patrol (Spectravision)

Plaque Attack (Activision)

Polaris (Tigervision)

Pole Position (Atari)

Pooyan (Konami)

Popeye (Parker Brothers)

Porky’s (20th Century Fox)

Power of He-Man, Masters of the Universe (M Network)

Pressure Cooker (Activision)

Private Eye (Activision)


Q*bert (Parker Brothers)

Q*Bert’s Qubes (Parker Brothers)

Quadrun (Atari)

Quest for Quintana Roo (Sunrise Software)

Quick Step (Imagic)


Rabbit Transit (Starpath)

Racquetball (Apollo)

Radar Lock (Atari)

Raft Rider (U.S. Games)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari)

Ram It (Telesys)

Rampage (Activision)

Reactor (Parker Brothers)

RealSports Baseball (Atari)

RealSports Boxing (Atari)

RealSports Football (Atari)

RealSports Soccer (Atari)

RealSports Tennis (Atari)

RealSports Volleyball (Atari)

Red Sea Crossing (Inspirational Video Concepts)

Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (Coleco)

Rescue Terra I (VentureVision)

Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle, Star Wars (Parker Brothers)

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (20th Century Fox)

Riddle of the Sphinx (Imagic)

River Patrol (Tigervision)

River Raid (Activision)

River Raid II (Activision)

Road Runner (Atari)

Robin Hood (Xonox)

Robot Tank (Activision)

Roc’n Rope (Coleco)

Room of Doom (CommaVid)

Rubik’s Cube [original title: Atari Video Cube] (Atari)


Scuba Diver (Panda)

Seahawk (Panda)

Seaquest (Activision)

Secret Quest (Atari)

Sentinel (Atari)

Shark Attack (Apollo)

Shootin’ Gallery (Imagic)

Shuttle Orbiter (Avalon Hill)

Sir Lancelot (Xonox)

Skate Boardin’ (Absolute Entertainment)

Skeet Shoot (Apollo)

Skiing (Activision)

Sky Diver (Atari)

Sky Jinks (Activision)

Sky Skipper (Parker Brothers)

Slot Machine (Atari)

Slot Racers (Atari)

Smurf: Rescue In Gargamel’s Castle (Coleco)

Smurfs Save the Day With Kid Vid Voice Module (Coleco)

Sneak’n Peek (U.S. Games)

Snoopy and the Red Baron (Atari)

Soccer, Championship (Atari)

Soccer, International (M Network)

Soccer, RealSports (Atari)

Solaris (Atari)

Solar Fox (CBS)

Solar Storm (Imagic)

Sorcerer (Mythicon)

Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Atari)

Space Attack (M Network)

Space Cavern (Apollo)

Space Invaders (Atari)

Space Jockey (U.S. Games)

Space Shuttle (Activision)

Space War (Atari)

Spacechase (Apollo)

Spacemaster X-7 (20th Century Fox)

Spider Fighter (Activision)

Spider-Man (Parker Brothers)

Spike’s Peak (Xonox)

Spitfire Attack (Milton Bradley)

Springer (Tigervision)

Sprintmaster (Atari)

Spy Hunter (Sega)

Squeeze Box (U.S. Games)

Sssnake (Data Age)

Stampede (Activision)

Star Fox (Mythicon)

Star Raiders (Atari)

Star Ship (Atari)

Star Strike (M Network)

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator (Sega)

Star Voyager (Imagic)

Star Wars: Jedi Arena (Parker Brothers)

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi - Death Star Battle (Parker Brothers)

Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Parker Brothers)

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Parker Brothers)

Stargate (Atari)

Stargunner (Telesys)

Starmaster (Activision)

Steeplechase (Sears)

Stellar Track (Sears)

Strategy X (Konami)

Strawberry Shortcake Musical Match-Ups (Parker Brothers)

Street Racer (Atari)

Stronghold (CommaVid)

Stuntman (Panda)

Subterranea (Imagic)

Sub-Scan (Sega)

Submarine Commander (Sears)

Suicide Mission (Starpath)

Summer Games (Epyx)

Super Baseball (Atari)

Super Breakout (Atari)

Super Challenge Baseball (M Network)

Super Challenge Football (M Network)

Super Cobra (Parker Brothers)

Super Football (Atari)

Superman (Atari)

Surround (Atari)

Survival Island (Starpath)

Survival Run (Milton Bradley)

SwordQuest EarthWorld (Atari)

SwordQuest FireWorld (Atari)

SwordQuest WaterWorld (Atari)

Sword of Saros (Starpath)


Tac-Scan (Sega)

Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag)

Tapeworm (Spectravision)

Tapper (Sega)

Tax Avoiders (American Videogame)

Taz (Atari)

Tennis (Activision)

Tennis, RealSports (Atari)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Wizard Video)

The Activision Decathlon (Activision)

The Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision)

The Earth Dies Screaming (20th Century Fox)

The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars (Parker Brothers)

The Music Machine (Sparrow)

The Official Frogger (Starpath)

The Power of He-Man, Masters of the Universe (M Network)

Threshold (Tigervision)

Thunderground (Sega)

Tic-Tac-Toe, 3-D (Atari)

Time Pilot (Coleco)

Time Warp (Zellers) [Converted from PAL to NTSC and sold in Canada by Zellers. Barely worth mentioning.]

Title Match Pro Wrestling (Absolute Entertainment)

Tomarc The Barbarian (Xonox)

Tomcat: The F-14 Flight Simulator (Absolute Entertainment)

Tooth Protectors (Johnson & Johnson)

Towering Inferno (U.S. Games)

Track & Field (Atari)

Trick Shot (Imagic)

Tron, Adventures of (M Network)

Tron Deadly Discs (M Network)

Tunnel Runner (CBS)

Turmoil (20th Century Fox)

Tutankham (Parker Brothers)


Universal Chaos (Telegames)

Up ‘n Down (Sega)


Vanguard (Atari)

Venture (Coleco)

Video Checkers (Atari)

Video Chess (Atari)

Video Jogger (Exus)

Video Olympics (Atari)

Video Pinball (Atari)

Video Reflex (Exus)

Volleyball, RealSports (Atari)


Wabbit (Apollo)

Wall Ball (Avalon Hill)

Wall-Defender (Bomb)

Warlords (Atari)

Warplock (Data Age)

WaterWorld, SwordQuest (Atari)

Winter Games (Epyx)

Wizard of Wor (CBS)

Word Zapper (U.S. Games)

Worm War I (20th Century Fox)


X-Man (Universal Gamex)

Xenophobe (Atari)


Yars’ Revenge (Atari)


Zaxxon (Coleco)

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