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Opinion page by Duane Alan Hahn.

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I made this page for people who think they can't make money online. Take a minute and just think about it. Why do people use the Internet? Here are some reasons I can think of:

  1. Find an answer to a question or problem and this includes do-it-yourself tutorials.

  2. Maps, driving directions, or places where a specific product or service might be found.

  3. Reviews for movies, video games, restaurants, and various other products and services.

  4. Find the lowest price online for a product and avoid certain taxes while they are at it.

  5. Latest news or gossip.

  6. Personalized information such as TV schedules, calendars, and so on.

  7. Interaction with other people who share a common interest or hobby.

  8. Self expression, with or without interaction, but flatterers and sycophants are usually welcome.

  9. Entertainment (such as games and videos).


After looking at that incomplete list, does any of it stand out to you? What about the first one? If you know how to do something, you could get an affordable blog or web site, type up some tutorials, then paste them online with Google AdSense ads or something similar nearby. If you're lucky enough to live in a place that isn't involved in the Internet tax war, you could become an Amazon affiliate and sell books and other products that are related to your tutorials. If your tutorials are useful and become popular, you could start making a significant amount of money while you do other things. Of course, you'll want to update your information and add new stuff over time, but the point is that it's possible to have your words working for you while you're doing things like driving, shopping, sleeping, watching TV, playing with your kids or grandkids, playing games on your smartphone, or taking a shower.


Remember, I'm not guaranteeing that you'll make any money, so do anything at your own risk. It just seems like there are a lot of knowledgeable people out there who have all kinds of useful information locked up in their heads and it's basically going to waste most of the time. What you know could be helping people 24 hours a day and you could be making extra cash at the same time. Check out the Robert T. Kiyosaki quotations on my Quotes About Money and Wealth page for more information. You might also want to watch the video below by Stuart Wilde.


The Mastery of Money by Stuart Wilde





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Ad Blockers?

Opinion section by Duane Alan Hahn

It costs a lot of money for big web sites to stay online. If they're not selling actual products, their only choice is to have ads or a subscription fee. If the time comes when the majority of people are blocking all ads with ad blockers, ads will no longer be an option, so any web site worth using will need to charge a fee.

An ad-free Internet would be a very expensive Internet.

It doesn't cost as much for small web site owners, but valid ad clicks put food on the table and help pay bills. When you block ads that you might be interested in, there is a zero percent chance that you'll ever click on them. Not blocking ads on a trusted web site means you appreciate the time and effort that the owner put into the site. You're no longer like those people at grocery stores who stuff their faces with free samples and never buy anything.

People keep complaining about the bad economy, so they should be happy that ads exist. Without ads promoting new and existing products and services, even more jobs would be lost. We need advertising. Of course, ads help those who are selling useful products and services (and web site owners who get paid for every valid click), but ads also help the rest of us find those useful products and services. There are so many cool things I wouldn't know about if ads didn't exist.

To be clear, I'm talking about normal, non-intrusive ads. I hate things like pop-up ads, ads that scroll onto the screen, ads that follow you around, and video ads that won't let you skip them after a few seconds.


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