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Atari 2600 Video Game Release Dates for 1978

With pop culture atmosphere.

Information compiled by Duane Alan Hahn, a.k.a. Random Terrain.

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January 1978


February 1978


March 1978


April 1978


May 1978


June 1978


July 1978


August 1978


September 1978

Basketball (Atari) BG ✔

Brain Games (Atari) BG ✔

Breakout (Atari) BG ✔

Codebreaker (Atari) BG ✔

Flag Capture (Atari) BG ✔

Hangman (Atari) BG ✔

Home Run (Atari) BG ✔

Hunt & Score (Atari) BG ✔

Outlaw (Atari) BG ✔

Slot Racers (Atari) BG ✔

Space War (Atari) BG ✔


October 1978


November 1978


December 1978

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Below is an incomplete list of Atari 2600 video game release dates by month in the USA for the year 1978 along with lists of top 100 music, movies, and TV shows to help summon your treasured memories of the Atari 2600 years with the bonus of recreating the magical feelings of that special time.


If you were too young or not even born yet, play the songs in the order they are listed and watch video clips or commercials for the movies and TV shows (in order) and you might get a sense of what it was like living from month to month back in 1978. There were no smartphones with an Internet full of knowledge and entertainment at your fingertips. If you wanted to know something, you had to go to the library and try to find the information in a book. If you were lucky, you had an encyclopedia set at home, but it would probably be many decades out of date.



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For those who only want release dates and nothing else, the game entries are listed in the Page Table of Contents. This page also has an Index to help you find a specific game. There's also an Atari 2600 NTSC Game Index for 1977 to 1991.




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Most of the release dates below are not set in stone. Games will be moved as better information is found, so be sure to check back once in a while.




Best Guess

Many games are marked as a best guess. Some guesses are worse than others. Below is a list of the types of guesses that might be on this page.


Best Guess (BG): At least one magazine or newsletter mentioned the month a game was released or supposed to be released or newspaper ads have been found.


Extreme Best Guess (EBG): A vague mention of the release month in a magazine or newsletter.


Super Extreme Best Guess (SEBG): The Video Game Update newsletter only had a review for the game (no release month mentioned), so it's a semi-educated wild guess. The review could have happened the same month the game was released or the review could have been published a month or more later.


Desperate Super Extreme Best Guess (DSEBG): There might be an ad in a magazine to go on if we're lucky. It's a desperate semi-educated wild guess.




Green Check Mark

I signed up for the most expensive subscription option at in November of 2020 so I could finally look up games for myself. As I find the earliest newspaper ads for a game, I'll add a green check mark for that entry to indicate that the definitive release date has probably been found for that game. I'll add three orange question marks (???) for an entry to indicate that I searched the newspapers and couldn't find anything helpful, so a more accurate release date for that game still needs to be found.



Copyright Date

Remember, the date on the box, cartridge, manual, and copyright screen can be different from the actual release date. For example, Atari 2600 Pac-Man was released in March/April of 1982, but the box, cart, manual, and copyright screen have 1981 as the copyright date. It usually took around 6 months for a programmer to make an Atari VCS game back then and that's not counting the time it took to make the manuals, boxes, and cartridges.




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To help make your experience more enjoyable, most items listed on this page have a link to related search results at YouTube (YT) where you can watch music videos, scenes from movies, or clips from TV shows. The movies and TV shows listed on this page also have links to web sites such as the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and Wikipedia (WP).




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January 1978

January 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Lay Down Sally” by Eric Clapton  (Jan 7)   YT

“Always And Forever” by Heatwave  (Jan 7)   YT

“Theme From Close Encounters” by Meco  (Jan 7)   YT

“Jack And Jill” by Raydio  (Jan 14)   YT   70%

“(What A) Wonderful World” by Art Garfunkel with James Taylor & Paul Simon  (Jan 21)   YT

“Lady Love” by Lou Rawls  (Jan 21)   YT

“Shout It Out Loud (Live)” by Kiss  (Jan 21)   YT

“If I Can’t Have You” by Yvonne Elliman  (Jan 28)   YT   65%

“Dust In The Wind” by Kansas  (Jan 28)   YT

“Ebony Eyes” by Bob Welch  (Jan 28)   YT

“Theme Song From ‘Which Way Is Up’” by Stargard  (Jan 28)   YT

“You Really Got Me” by Van Halen  (Jan 28)   YT

“Never Had A Love” by Pablo Cruise  (Jan 28)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for February >

January 1978


New on TV

Fantasy Island  ABC  (Jan 14)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Super Bowl XII [sports]  CBS  (Jan 15)   YT   WP

Roots: One Year Later [special]  ABC  (Jan 23)   YT   Google

New on Top 100 Radio for February >

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February 1978

February 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Night Fever” by Bee Gees  (Feb 4)   YT   65%

“Can’t Smile Without You” by Barry Manilow  (Feb 4)   YT   65%

“Sweet, Sweet Smile” by Carpenters  (Feb 4)   YT

“Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione  (Feb 11)   YT  68%

“Running On Empty” by Jackson Browne  (Feb 11)   YT   65%

“Flash Light” by Parliament  (Feb 11)   YT   65%

“Thank You For Being A Friend” by Andrew Gold  (Feb 11)   YT

“Hot Legs” by Rod Stewart  (Feb 11)   YT

“Boogie Shoes” by KC and the Sunshine Band  (Feb 11)   YT   65%

“Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” by Waylon & Willie  (Feb 11)   YT

“The Closer I Get To You” by Roberta Flack with Donny Hathaway  (Feb 18)   YT

“Love Is Like Oxygen” by Sweet  (Feb 18)   YT   67%

“Disco Inferno” by The Trammps  (Feb 18)   YT

“Sweet Talkin’ Woman” by Electric Light Orchestra [ELO]  (Feb 18)   YT   75%

“Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)” by Styx  (Feb 18)   YT

“Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads  (Feb 18)   YT

“We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again” by England Dan and John Ford Coley  (Feb 25)   YT   66%

“Baby Hold On” by Eddie Money  (Feb 25)   YT   65%

New on Top 100 Radio for March >

February 1978


New at the Movies

Remember My Name  (Feb ?)   YT   IMDb   WP

Coma  (Feb 1)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Boys in Company C  (Feb 2)   YT   IMDb   WP

The One and Only  (Feb 3)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2  (Feb 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

Blue Collar  (Feb 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

February 1978


New on TV

How the West Was Won  CBS  (Feb 12)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

King [miniseries]  NBC  (Feb 12)   YT   IMDb   WP

Project Blue Book/Project U.F.O.  NBC  (Feb 19)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

New on Top 100 Radio for March >

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March 1978

March 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Imaginary Lover” by Atlanta Rhythm Section  (Mar 4)   YT

“Fantasy” by Earth, Wind & Fire  (Mar 4)   YT   65%

“Let’s All Chant” by Michael Zager Band  (Mar 4)   YT

“On Broadway” by George Benson  (Mar 11)   YT

“Count On Me” by Jefferson Starship  (Mar 11)   YT

“I Can’t Stand The Rain” by Eruption  (Mar 11)   YT

“Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad” by Meat Loaf  (Mar 18)   YT

“Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)” by Billy Joel  (Mar 18)   YT

“Two Doors Down” by Dolly Parton  (Mar 18)   YT

“With A Little Luck” by Wings  (Mar 25)   YT   65%

“It’s A Heartache” by Bonnie Tyler  (Mar 25)   YT   55%

“Every Kinda People” by Robert Palmer  (Mar 25)   YT

“Werewolves Of London” by Warren Zevon  (Mar 25)   YT

“Do You Believe In Magic” by Shaun Cassidy  (Mar 25)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for April >

March 1978


New at the Movies

An Unmarried Woman  (Mar 5)   YT   IMDb   WP

Return from Witch Mountain  (Mar 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

Gray Lady Down  (Mar 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Fury  (Mar 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

House Calls  (Mar 15)   YT   IMDb   WP

Casey’s Shadow  (Mar 17)   YT   IMDb   WP

March 1978


New on TV

The Incredible Hulk  CBS  (Mar 10)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

The Rutles in All You Need Is Cash [TV movie]  NBC  (Mar 22)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for April >

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April 1978

April 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“You’re The One That I Want” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John  (Apr 1)   YT

“Too Much, Too Little, Too Late” by Johnny Mathis/Deniece Williams  (Apr 1)   YT

“Deacon Blues” by Steely Dan  (Apr 1)   YT

“Dance Across The Floor” by Jimmy “Bo” Horne  (Apr 1)   YT

“Because The Night” by Patti Smith Group  (Apr 8)   YT

“Heartless” by Heart  (Apr 8)   YT

“Shadow Dancing” by Andy Gibb  (Apr 15)   YT   70%

“You Belong To Me” by Carly Simon  (Apr 15)   YT   65%

“Ego” by Elton John  (Apr 15)   YT

“Since You Been Gone” by Head East  (Apr 15)   YT

“Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty  (Apr 22)   YT   80%

“Take A Chance On Me” by ABBA  (Apr 22)   YT   75%

“Bluer Than Blue” by Michael Johnson  (Apr 22)   YT

“Follow You, Follow Me” by Genesis  (Apr 22)   YT

“Tumbling Dice” by Linda Ronstadt  (Apr 22)   YT

“Chattanooga Choo Choo” by Tuxedo Junction  (Apr 22)   YT

“I’m On My Way” by Captain and Tennille  (Apr 22)   YT

“Where Have You Been All My Life” by Fotomaker  (Apr 22)   YT

“Use Ta Be My Girl” by The O'Jays  (Apr 29)   YT

“Almost Summer” by Celebration Featuring Mike Love  (Apr 29)   YT

“Ca Plane Pour Moi” by Plastic Bertrand  (Apr 29)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for May >

April 1978


New at the Movies

Dawn of the Dead  (Apr 20)   YT   IMDb   WP

FM  (Apr 20)   YT   IMDb   WP

I Wanna Hold Your Hand  (Apr 21)   YT   IMDb   WP

April 1978


New on TV

Dallas  CBS  (Apr 2)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Pass the Buck [game show]  NBC  (Apr 3)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Ever Increasing Faith  Syndication  (Apr 3)   YT   IMDb   Google

The Amazing Spider-Man  CBS  (Apr 5)   YT   IMDb   WP   epguides   [Wed 8:00-9:00]

The Ted Knight Show  CBS  (Apr 8)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Another Day  CBS  (Apr 8)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Holocaust [miniseries]  NBC  (Apr 16)   YT   IMDb   WP

Card Sharks [game show]  NBC  (Apr 24)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Vega$  ABC  (Apr 25)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Ringo [TV movie]  NBC  (Apr 26)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for May >

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May 1978

May 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“The Groove Line” by Heatwave  (May 6)   YT   80%

“Even Now” by Barry Manilow  (May 6)   YT

“Thank God It’s Friday” by Love and Kisses  (May 6)   YT

“Last Dance” by Donna Summer  (May 13)   YT

“Still The Same” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band  (May 13)   YT

“Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton  (May 13)   YT

“Only The Good Die Young” by Billy Joel  (May 13)   YT

“Roll With The Changes” by REO Speedwagon  (May 13)   YT

“Grease” by Frankie Valli  (May 27)   YT   55%

“Miss You” by The Rolling Stones  (May 27)   YT

“Magnet And Steel” by Walter Egan  (May 27)   YT

“King Tut” by Steve Martin and the Toot Uncommons  (May 27)   YT   65%

“Can We Still Be Friends” by Todd Rundgren  (May 27)   YT

“This Night Won’t Last Forever” by Bill LaBounty  (May 27)   YT   68%

New on Top 100 Radio for June >

May 1978


New at the Movies

Warlords of Atlantis  (May ?)   YT   IMDb   WP

It Lives Again (It’s Alive II)  (May 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

The End  (May 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

Nunzio  (May 12)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Buddy Holly Story  (May 18)   YT   IMDb   WP

Thank God It’s Friday  (May 19)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for June >

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June 1978

June 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Love Will Find A Way” by Pablo Cruise  (Jun 3)   YT   65%

“My Angel Baby” by Toby Beau  (Jun 3)   YT

“FM (No Static At All)” by Steely Dan  (Jun 3)   YT   74%

“Hot Child In The City” by Nick Gilder  (Jun 10)   YT

“Copacabana (At The Copa)” by Barry Manilow  (Jun 10)   YT   60%

“Life’s Been Good” by Joe Walsh  (Jun 10)   YT   70%

“I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight” by Atlanta Rhythm Section  (Jun 10)   YT

“Three Times A Lady” by Commodores  (Jun 17)   YT   55%

“Shame topic” by Evelyn “Champagne” King  (Jun 17)   YT

“I’ve Had Enough” by Wings  (Jun 17)   YT

“Songbird” by Barbra Streisand  (Jun 17)   YT

“Just What I Needed” by The Cars  (Jun 17)   YT

“I Need To Know” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers  (Jun 17)   YT

“Never Let Her Slip Away” by Andrew Gold  (Jun 17)   YT   [Didn't hear it on the radio back then, but I would have liked it.]

“Boogie Oogie Oogie” by A Taste Of Honey  (Jun 24)   YT   60%

“Two Tickets To Paradise” by Eddie Money  (Jun 24)   YT

“Macho Man” by Village People  (Jun 24)   YT   55%

“Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra [ELO]  (Jun 24)   YT   [Didn't hear it on the radio back then, but I would have liked it.]

New on Top 100 Radio for July >

June 1978


New at the Movies

Corvette Summer  (Jun 2)   YT   IMDb   WP

Damien: Omen II  (Jun 6)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Cat from Outer Space  (Jun 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Jungle Book [re-release]  (Jun 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Driver  (Jun 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

Grease  (Jun 16)   YT   IMDb   WP

Jaws 2  (Jun 16)   YT   IMDb   WP

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  (Jun 21)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Cheap Detective  (Jun 23)   YT   IMDb   WP

Heaven Can Wait  (Jun 28)   YT   IMDb   WP

June 1978


New on TV

20/20  ABC  (Jun 6)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for July >

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July 1978

July 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Hot Blooded” by Foreigner  (Jul 1)   YT

“You And I” by Rick James  (Jul 1)   YT

“Kiss You All Over” by Exile  (Jul 8)   YT

“Hopelessly Devoted To You” by Olivia Newton-John  (Jul 8)   YT

“I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)” by Alicia Bridges  (Jul 8)   YT

“Fool (If You Think It’s Over)” by Chris Rea  (Jul 8)   YT

“You Needed Me” by Anne Murray  (Jul 15)   YT

“An Everlasting Love” by Andy Gibb  (Jul 15)   YT   60%

“Love Is In The Air” by John Paul Young  (Jul 15)   YT

“Get Off” by Foxy  (Jul 22)   YT

“Got to Get You Into My Life” by Earth, Wind & Fire  (Jul 22)   YT   80%

“Think It Over” by Cheryl Ladd  (Jul 22)   YT

“Flyin’” by Prism  (Jul 22)   YT   [Didn't hear it on the radio back then, but I probably would have liked it.]

“Time For Me To Fly” by REO Speedwagon  (Jul 22)   YT

“Surrender” by Cheap Trick  (Jul 22)   YT   [Didn't hear it on the radio back then, but I would have liked it.]

“He’s So Fine” by Kristy and Jimmy McNichol  (Jul 22)   YT

“Reminiscing” by Little River Band  (Jul 29)   YT   75%

“Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’” by Kenny Loggins (with Stevie Nicks)  (Jul 29)   YT

“Talking In Your Sleep” by Crystal Gayle  (Jul 29)   YT

“Love Theme From ‘Eyes Of Laura Mars’ (Prisoner)” by Barbra Streisand  (Jul 29)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for August >

July 1978


New at the Movies

Hot Lead and Cold Feet  (Jul 5)   YT   IMDb   WP

Revenge of the Pink Panther  (Jul 19)   YT   IMDb   WP

International Velvet  (Jul 19)   YT   IMDb   WP

Hooper  (Jul 28)   YT   IMDb   WP

Animal House  (Jul 28)   YT   IMDb   WP

July 1978


New on TV

Tic·Tac·Dough [game show]  CBS  (Jul 3)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

World News Tonight  ABC  (Jul 10)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for August >

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August 1978

August 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Summer Nights” by John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Cast  (Aug 5)   YT

“You Never Done It Like That” by Captain and Tennille  (Aug 5)   YT

“Come Together” by Aerosmith  (Aug 5)   YT

“Right Down The Line” by Gerry Rafferty  (Aug 12)   YT   75%

“Oh! Darling” by Robin Gibb  (Aug 12)   YT

“She’s Always A Woman” by Billy Joel  (Aug 12)   YT

“Took The Last Train” by David Gates  (Aug 12)   YT   60%

“Almost Like Being In Love” by Michael Johnson  (Aug 12)   YT

“Paradise By The Dashboard Light” by Meat Loaf (with Ellen Foley and Phil Rizzuto)  (Aug 12)   YT

“Blame It On The Boogie” by Mick Jackson  (Aug 12)   YT

“Don’t Look Back” by Boston  (Aug 19)   YT

“Back In The U.S.A.” by Linda Ronstadt  (Aug 19)   YT

“Dance (Disco Heat)” by Sylvester  (Aug 19)   YT

“Lights (Studio Version)” by Journey  (Aug 19)   YT   60%

“Who Are You” by The Who  (Aug 26)   YT

“Sweet Life” by Paul Davis  (Aug 26)   YT

“It’s A Laugh” by Daryl Hall & John Oates  (Aug 26)   YT

“Josie” by Steely Dan  (Aug 26)   YT

“(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear” by Elvis Presley  (Aug 26)   YT   [Bubbling Under Top 100]

New on Top 100 Radio for September >

August 1978


New at the Movies

Eyes of Laura Mars  (Aug 2)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for September >

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September 1978

September 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“How Much I Feel” by Ambrosia  (Sep 2)   YT

“MacArthur Park” by Donna Summer  (Sep 9)   YT

“I Just Wanna Stop” by Gino Vannelli  (Sep 9)   YT   55%

“Beast Of Burden” by The Rolling Stones  (Sep 9)   YT

“Ease On Down The Road” by Diana Ross and Michael Jackson  (Sep 9)   YT   55%

“Sharing The Night Together” by Dr. Hook  (Sep 16)   YT

“Ready To Take A Chance Again” by Barry Manilow  (Sep 16)   YT

“Change Of Heart” by Eric Carmen  (Sep 16)   YT

“Don’t Want To Live Without It” by Pablo Cruise  (Sep 16)   YT

“Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” by Styx  (Sep 16)   YT

“Everybody Needs Love” by Stephen Bishop  (Sep 16)   YT

“Double Vision” by Foreigner  (Sep 23)   YT

“Straight On” by Heart  (Sep 23)   YT

“Flying High” by Commodores  (Sep 23)   YT

“You Should Do It” by Peter Brown with Betty Wright  (Sep 23)   YT   [Didn't hear it on the radio back then, but I would have liked it. I got Disco Nights from K-TEL in 1979 and it was my favorite song on there.]

“Time Passages” by Al Stewart  (Sep 30)   YT   55%

“Strange Way” by Firefall  (Sep 30)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for October >

September 1978


New at the Movies

Almost Summer  (Sep 8)   YT   IMDb   WP

Up in Smoke  (Sep 15)   YT   IMDb   WP

Paradise Alley  (Sep 22)   YT   IMDb   WP

Somebody Killed Her Husband  (Sep 29)   YT   IMDb   WP

Death on the Nile  (Sep 29)   YT   IMDb   WP

September 1978


New on TV

Battle of the Planets  Syndication  (Sept 1)   YT   IMDb   WP

Grandpa Goes to Washington  NBC  (Sep 7)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

The Eddie Capra Mysteries  NBC  (Sep 8)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Fabulous Funnies  NBC  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   Google

Fantastic Four  NBC  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

Godzilla  NBC  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

Yogi’s Space Race  NBC  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

Fangface  ABC  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Paper Chase  CBS  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Tarzan and the Super 7  CBS  (Sep 9)   YT   IMDb   WP

Kaz  CBS  (Sep 10)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Sword of Justice  NBC  (Sep 10)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Taxi  ABC  (Sep 12)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

W.E.B.  NBC  (Sep 13)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Mork & Mindy  ABC  (Sep 14)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Battlestar Galactica  ABC  (Sep 17)   YT   IMDb   WP   TV Obscurities   Schedule

Lifeline  NBC  (Sep 17)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

People [starring Phyllis George]  CBS  (Sep 18)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

WKRP in Cincinnati  CBS  (Sep 18)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Dick Clark’s Live Wednesday  NBC  (Sep 20)   YT   IMDb   WP   epguides   Schedule

In the Beginning  CBS  (Sep 20)   YT   IMDb   WP   epguides   Schedule

The Waverly Wonders  NBC  (Sep 22)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Who’s Watching the Kids  NBC  (Sep 22)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Apple Pie  ABC  (Sep 23)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

The American Girls  CBS  (Sep 23)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Mary  CBS  (Sep 24)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Flying High  CBS  (Sep 29)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

New on Top 100 Radio for October >

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October 1978

October 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Hold The Line” by Toto  (Oct 7)   YT   60%

“I’m Every Woman” by Chaka Khan  (Oct 7)   YT

“On The Shelf” by Donny and Marie Osmond  (Oct 7)   YT   75%

“Do You Feel All Right” by KC and the Sunshine Band  (Oct 7)   YT   75%

“Promises” by Eric Clapton and his Band  (Oct 14)   YT

“New York Groove” by Ace Frehley  (Oct 14)   YT

“Instant Replay” by Dan Hartman  (Oct 14)   YT   60%

“(Our Love) Don’t Throw It All Away topic” by Andy Gibb  (Oct 14)   YT

“The Power Of Gold” by Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg  (Oct 14)   YT

“Y.M.C.A.” by Village People  (Oct 21)   YT   65%

“How You Gonna See Me Now” by Alice Cooper  (Oct 21)   YT

“Alive Again” by Chicago  (Oct 21)   YT

“My Best Friend’s Girl” by The Cars  (Oct 21)   YT

“In The Bush” by Musique  (Oct 21)   YT

“We’ve Got Tonite” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band  (Oct 28)   YT

“Le Freak” by Chic  (Oct 28)   YT

“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” by Barbara Streisand Neil Diamond  (Oct 28)   YT

“Get Back” by Billy Preston  (Oct 28)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for November >

October 1978


New at the Movies

The Big Fix  (Oct 6)   YT   IMDb   WP

Midnight Express  (Oct 6)   YT   IMDb   WP

Goin’ South  (Oct 6)   YT   IMDb   WP

Oliver’s Story  (Dec 15)   YT   IMDb   WP

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes  (Oct 20)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Wiz  (Oct 24)   YT   IMDb   WP

Halloween  (Oct 25)   YT   IMDb   WP

October 1978


New on TV

Centennial [miniseries]  NBC  (Oct 1)   YT   IMDb   WP

Little Women [miniseries]  NBC  (Oct 2)   YT   IMDb   WP

A.M. Weather  PBS  (Oct 30)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for November >

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November 1978

November 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“My Life” by Billy Joel  (Nov 4)   YT   75%

“The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers  (Nov 4)   YT   55%

“Take Me To The River” by Talking Heads  (Nov 4)   YT

“Blame It On The Boogie” by The Jacksons  (Nov 4)   YT   [Didn't hear it on the radio back then, but I would have liked it.]

“Fire” by Pointer Sisters  (Nov 11)   YT

“Every 1’s A Winner” by Hot Chocolate  (Nov 11)   YT

“Ooh Baby Baby” by Linda Ronstadt  (Nov 11)   YT

“I Was Made For Dancin'” by Leif Garrett  (Nov 11)   YT

“Don’t Hold Back” by Chanson  (Nov 11)   YT

“Bicycle Race” by Queen  (Nov 11)   YT   75%

“Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen  (Nov 11)   YT

“You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth” by Meat Loaf  (Nov 11)   YT

“Part-Time Love” by Elton John  (Nov 11)   YT

“Too Much Heaven” by Bee Gees  (Nov 18)   YT   60%

“September” by Earth, Wind & Fire  (Nov 18)   YT   78%

“Don’t Cry Out Loud” by Melissa Manchester  (Nov 18)   YT

“Shake It” by Ian Matthews  (Nov 18)   YT

“Sleeping Single In A Double Bed” by Barbara Mandrell  (Nov 18)   YT   [Bubbling Under Top 100]

“A Little More Love” by Olivia Newton-John  (Nov 25)   YT

“Lotta Love” by Nicolette Larson  (Nov 25)   YT

New on Top 100 Radio for December >

November 1978


New at the Movies

Watership Down  (Nov 1)   YT   IMDb   WP

Caravans  (Nov 2)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Lord of the Rings  (Nov 15)   YT   IMDb   WP

Same Time, Next Year  (Nov 22)   YT   IMDb   WP

November 1978


New on TV

David Cassidy: Man Undercover  NBC  (Nov 2)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Diff’rent Strokes  NBC  (Nov 3)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Star Wars Holiday Special  CBS  (Nov 17)   YT   IMDb   WP   TV Obscurities

The White Shadow  CBS  (Nov 27)   YT   IMDb   WP   Schedule

Someone's Watching Me! [TV movie]  NBC  (Nov 29)   YT   IMDb   WP

New on Top 100 Radio for December >

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December 1978

December 1978


New on Top 100 Radio

“Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn  (Dec 2)   YT

“Home And Dry” by Gerry Rafferty  (Dec 2)   YT   60%

“Soul Man” by Blues Brothers  (Dec 9)   YT

“Please Come Home For Christmas” by Eagles  (Dec 9)   YT

“Baby I’m Burnin’” by Dolly Parton  (Dec 9)   YT

“I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor  (Dec 16)   YT

“Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches and Herb  (Dec 16)   YT   60%

“Somewhere In The Night” by Barry Manilow  (Dec 16)   YT

“Dancin’ Shoes” by Nigel Olsson  (Dec 16)   YT

“Shattered” by The Rolling Stones  (Dec 16)   YT

“Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” by Rod Stewart  (Dec 23)   YT

“What You Won’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell  (Dec 23)   YT   80%

“No Tell Lover” by Chicago  (Dec 23)   YT

“Blue Morning, Blue Day” by Foreigner  (Dec 23)   YT   60%

“You Can Do It” by Dobie Gray  (Dec 23)   YT

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December 1978


New at the Movies

Force 10 from Navarone  (Dec 8)   YT   IMDb   WP

The Deer Hunter  (Dec 8)   YT   IMDb   WP

California Suite  (Dec 15)   YT   IMDb   WP

Superman  (Dec 15)   YT   IMDb   WP

Pinocchio [re-release]  (Dec 16)   YT   IMDb   WP

Every Which Way but Loose  (Dec 20)   YT   IMDb   WP

Invasion of the Body Snatchers  (Dec 20)   YT   IMDb   WP

Ice Castles  (Dec 31)   YT   IMDb   WP

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In Case You Didn't Know


Trump's Jab = Bad

Did you know that Trump's rushed experimental rona jab has less than one percent overall benefit? It also has many possible horrible side effects. Some brainwashed rona jab cultists claim that there are no victims of the jab, but person after person will post what the jab did to them or a family member on web sites such as Facebook and Twitter and they'll be lucky if they don't get banned soon after. Posting the truth is “misinformation” don't you know. Awakened sheep might turn into lions, so powerful people will do just about anything to keep the sheep from waking up.


Check out these videos:

Best of Sped Up and Edited Tennessee House of Representatives Health Subcommittee Hearing Room 2 (March 1, 2022)

Full Video of Tennessee House of Representatives Health Subcommittee Hearing Room 2 (The Doctors Start Talking at 33:28)



H Word and I Word = Good

Take a look at my page called The H Word and Beyond. You might also want to look at my page called Zinc and Quercetin. My sister and I have been taking those two supplements since summer of 2020 in the hopes that they would scare away the flu and other viruses (or at least make them less severe).



B Vitamins = Good

Some people appear to have a mental illness because they have a vitamin B deficiency. For example, the wife of a guy I used to chat with online had severe mood swings which seemed to be caused by food allergies or intolerances. She would became irrational, obnoxious, throw tantrums, and generally act like she had a mental illness. The horrid behavior stopped after she started taking a vitamin B complex. I've been taking #ad Jarrow B-Right for many years. It makes me much easier to live with.



Soy = Bad

Unfermented soy is bad! “When she stopped eating soy, the mental problems went away.” Fermented soy doesn't bother me, but the various versions of unfermented soy (soy flour, soybean oil, and so on) that are used in all kinds of products these days causes a negative mental health reaction in me that a vitamin B complex can't tame. The sinister encroachment of soy has made the careful reading of ingredients a necessity.



Wheat = Bad

If you are overweight, have type II diabetes, or are worried about the condition of your heart, check out the videos by Ken D Berry, William Davis, and Ivor Cummins. It seems that most people should avoid wheat, not just those who have a wheat allergy or celiac disease. Check out these books: #ad Undoctored, #ad Wheat Belly, and #ad Eat Rich, Live Long.



Negative Ions = Good

Negative ions are good for us. You might want to avoid positive ion generators and ozone generators. Whenever I need a new air cleaner (with negative ion generator), I buy it from A plain old air cleaner is better than nothing, but one that produces negative ions makes the air in a room fresher and easier for me to breathe. It also helps to brighten my mood.



Litterbugs = Bad

Never litter. Toss it in the trash or take it home. Do not throw it on the ground. Also remember that good people clean up after themselves at home, out in public, at a campsite and so on. Leave it better than you found it.



Climate Change Cash Grab = Bad

Seems like more people than ever finally care about water, land, and air pollution, but the climate change cash grab scam is designed to put more of your money into the bank accounts of greedy politicians. Those power-hungry schemers try to trick us with bad data and lies about overpopulation while pretending to be caring do-gooders. Trying to eliminate pollution is a good thing, but the carbon footprint of the average law-abiding human right now is actually making the planet greener instead of killing it.


Watch these two YouTube videos for more information:

CO2 is Greening The Earth

The Climate Agenda


View this page and any external web sites at your own risk. I am not responsible for any possible spiritual, emotional, physical, financial or any other damage to you, your friends, family, ancestors, or descendants in the past, present, or future, living or dead, in this dimension or any other.


If reading this page opens a time vortex back to 1978, the good news is that I've heard there are infinite timelines and you can't do any damage to the timeline you came from. The bad news is that you can't return to your original timeline in the future, so enter the time vortex at your own risk.


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