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Could Our Universe Be Fractal, Similar to “No Man's Sky” by Hello Games?

Most people who believe themselves to be ‘well educated’ are in fact merely just well indoctrinated.

Bethany Cherisse

If my answers frighten you, then you should cease asking scary questions.

The character 'Jules' from the movie Pulp Fiction (adapted)

The many worlds interpretation of quantum theory solves these paradoxes. In the first example, when you make the fateful call on your grandfather, the past you visitand changeis not the past of the universe you came from. In your home universe, the grandfather remains alive. The grandfather you murder belongs to the past of a parallel space and time, one in which you will never be born, but one in which you could remain should you so choose.

From the Discover magazine article Physics' Best Kept Secret by Tim Folger and Morgane Le Gall

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.

J. Edgar Hoover


This quote is about communism, but it also applies to any monstrous conspiracy. Most people are handicapped by monstrous conspiracies. They cannot believe that huge conspiracies exist. The fact that J. Edgar Hoover was talking about communism doesn't mean this quote is "debunked." What he said about the individual is true or at least it used to be true before more people started waking up.

Opinion by Duane Alan Hahn

Why would UFOs scare anybody? Are people still that primitive? Now if you see something that looks like an alligator flying around in the sky that has giant wasp-like wings and a huge scorpion's tail, you might want to run and find shelter.

Duane Alan Hahn [2013y_01m_06d]

The Cows Are Waking Up (Karla Turner)

Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.

Michael Ellner

We've all heard of Murphy's Law (anything that can go wrong, will go wrong). There should also be Rube Goldberg's Law (a result is often caused by a complicated chain reaction of seemingly unrelated events). Both of those laws seem to be best buddies and they'll often knock Occam's Razor to the floor and kick its whiny little ass.

Duane Alan Hahn

Why is the Miss Universe winner always from Earth?

One way of discrediting an idea is flooding the public with wild speculation and disinformation and obvious cranks.

From the 2012 page of the Cassiopedia Glossary (doesn't seem to esist anymore)

Willpower, knowledge, spiritual resiliency, mental clarity, and emotional purity are qualities that reduce one's level of susceptibility to being influenced by negative forces.


got orgone?

Seems like more people than usual are talking about gnosis these days. If all of the answers are supposedly inside of those who claim to be in touch with their gnosis, why do those answers keep changing? Maybe “gnosis” should be changed to “no sis,” as in, “No sis, that's not the answer. It's just something you pulled out of your butt. I guarantee that your ‘gnosis’ will be different before too long, so you don't actually ‘gno’ anything.” From what I've seen so far, gnosis means applying faulty discernment to the latest thing they've heard or had a drug-fueled dream about. That delusion becomes their gnosis until the next thing that “resonates” with them. They're like Tarzan, swinging from vine to vine (each vine being their latest “gnosis”).

You'd think there would be the ignorant time before reaching gnosis, and the internal carved-in-stone knowing that is revealed after gnosis has been achieved. If people are still trying to figure out spiritual truths after claiming to be in touch with their gnosis, there is a good chance that their own egos won't let them see that they are having delusions of grandeur.

It “resonates with me” that most people are trying to use discernment to get closer to the truth with the information that is available and that includes those gnosis people who are clearly still searching. I should sell T-shirts with “I HAVEN'T ACHIEVED GNOSIS AND NEITHER HAVE YOU” on the front and back.

Duane Alan Hahn [2019y_07m_23d]

People always think they know what truth is, like it was toilet paper and they've got a supply of it in their closet.

But what you learn as you get older is that there is no truth, there's only bullsh*t. Layers of it. One layer of bullsh*t on top of another.

And what you do in life is pick the layer of bullsh*t you prefer, and that's your bullsh*t.

'Bernie LaPlante' from the movie Hero (adapted)

Original Quote at the IMDb

Positive aliens are those who have transcended the vices and limitations that still challenge us, who have attained the heights of spiritual chivalry and serve Creation in the name of freedom, truth, and love. They value spirituality over physicality, respect the freewill of others, and subtly guide us toward fulfilling our spiritual potential without smothering us into becoming dependent on such guidance.


They Are Here

The positive aliens are very discreet, non-interventionist, yet at the same time omnipresent. Whereas the negative ones are pushy, showy, manipulative, grandiose, and have a swoop-in-and-grab attitude. When negative pretend to be positive, it's always to give some phoney message or get you to do something against your better judgment, trying to extort a choice from you, whereas positive aliens give suggestions and appeal to your inner understanding but don't try to twist your arm with lies and stage illusions.


In revealing themselves to the world, they [positive aliens] are unlikely to be the first ones. Our civilization is unprepared for contact and they would be responsible for the traumatic results. Positive aliens would be burdened with reactions of irrational fear and worship, of having to educate humanity on the nature of alien life, all while having to keep the peace and transition people into the post-Disclosure world. The logistics of this are too difficult. Better that they allow the impostors to show up first and expend their own resources to transition us. Then, after human opposition mounts but before negative forces have taken full control, they can step in and impart critical information to turn the tide. It is after tasting the bitter fruit of deception and learning some important lessons that humanity will appreciate and understand what they offer. Only then will deep and prolonged contact with positive forces be possible.


The Montalk Series (YouTube Playlist)


In my opinion, greys, reptilians, some military factions, and some nordic groups are part of the same conspiracy. The real good guys are other nordic factions and whatever miscellaneous lesser alien types are on their side of non-interventionism. So you see, by splitting up the conspiratorial group into various 'good cop' and 'bad cop' divisions, we think we'll be choosing the good against the bad, when really it will be two choices leading to the same outcome. The real good guys would represent a third choice that isn't obvious. Who knows, maybe they will be demonized for trying to withhold technology from humans (which they do for ethical reasons, but portrayed as wanting to keep us in the dark) whereas the false positive groups will give us lots of technology but with a heavy price of our freedom and sovereignty.


The conspiracy isn't as organized as one would think because those beneath the capstone of the pyramid of control may seemingly act on their own. They may be at odds with each other, mutually suspicious or contemptuous, independently carrying out their own agendas and acting on unique ideologies. But like swimmers drifting down a river together despite moving independently relative to each other, these vectors may oppose and cancel each other in the superficial sense while still sharing a common direction that advances the highest unseen agenda.

There is no need for coordination among lower elements of a conspiracy if a broad range of carefully designed causes initiated earlier produce cascading effects that cleverly converge at the right time. For human conspirators this would require incredible foresight, but foresight and hindsight are interchangeable for interdimensional forces operating outside linear time who have no problem scanning the timeline for the right points to target.


Knowledge is the key, for it helps us see through deception and fuels our evolution. Because of knowledge, the alien agenda will be exposed. Because of knowledge, we will evolve new insights and metaphysical abilities that can prepare us to better counter an overt alien takeover. Divine forces are at work to help us learnif we actively seek knowledge, the way will be shown. If we actively apply knowledge, the path will be cleared. And if we actively share knowledge, the path will be followed by others.


Blow Up Saturn and the Moon

Getting 'outraged' at shocking stories of corruption and injustice can make you feel self-righteous, motivated, and awake. But from a metaphysical point of view, if this bitterness leads to persistent pessimism and a darkening of your heart, then despite getting politically smarter you become spiritually dimmer. This has metaphysical consequences that outweigh anything gained through awareness of the physical conspiracy.


Another way you can be killed is if you are about to do something that pisses everyone off, good guys included. For instance, you're about to unleash Free Energy technology to the world. Why would the positive side not want that? Well, I think ultimately they do, but the right thing at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances leads to trouble. It's like an FBI sting where they're almost at the point of nabbing someone, and then some idiot jumps in and starts shooting at the criminals, which blows up the whole operation and the bad guys get away. Free energy is like that… it will turn the world upside down and screw things up before its time… and if we only wait a few more years then the time is right. But guys have tried to do it prematurely and died for it, killed by oil interests and negative forces, and they didn't get protection from the positive side because of them being a bit too reckless and premature.


The Truth About Science

(From The Day The Universe Changed (#ad))

The matrix control system aims to trigger emotions of hindrance and ignorance. That includes both ignorant bliss that makes you ignore problems, and negative emotions that preoccupy you with imaginary problems or create them in the first place. So it's a gravitational field of sorts pulling us toward the matrix by limiting us and swaying our choices in the wrong direction.



STS stands for “service to self”it’s a term that originated with the Ra Material (a.k.a. The Law of One books).

STO means “service to others”both these terms were used in abbreviated form later in the Cassiopaean Material.

These represent the negative/positive spiritual orientations, or paths of spiritual evolution. The STO path serves self by also serving others. The STS path serves self at the expense of others. STO is the path of balance and maximum freewill, while STS is the path of imbalance and maximum control over others.

There’s a common misconception that STO means never serving self, and blindly serving others and getting eaten alive by abusers taking advantage of one’s kindness.

That is not at all what STO is. STO is serving the spiritual upliftment and empowerment of others, which doesn’t happen when you’re just feeding their egos or predatory impulses.

If you are unwise and ruin your health and life overextending yourself, you end up reducing your lifespan and energy and thereby reduce how much total positive impact you can have. Which is why STO is about balance and maximization, balance between self and others.

STS is a path of evolution in the sense that one becomes more perfected as a separated fragment of the Creator, by rebelling against Creation and trying to make everyone else an extension of your will. The end destination of that path is to merge with the sleeping half of creation, which is physical matter. Before that, such beings make it up the ranks of the demonic hierarchy and eventually cave in on themselves from being so dark and low vibrational.


Seems like many skeptics have a deep-seated belief that people can't exist without their bodies. Since all proof can be recreated by skeptics, that makes skeptics believe all proof is fake. They believe with every fiber of their being that everything is either a trick, misidentification, or mass hallucination. Skeptics are the flip side of religious nuts. No amount of reason or evidence can sway them from their beliefs.

Duane Alan Hahn [2011y_03m_06d]

The fact that you can forge a twenty dollar bill doesn't prove that all twenty dollar bills are forgeries.

Rupert Sheldrake

Don't Judge Me Based on Your Ignorance

Skeptics love to drag out their tired old burden of proof rule, but that's only for people who religiously follow holy science scripture. The rest of us say that people who vehemently proclaim that something didn't happen or doesn't exist also have a burden of proof. Prove it or you must say that although you think it's improbable, it might be possible. You've never seen a flying unicorn that craps rainbow colored candy, but you cannot say they don't exist. Unless you are aware of everything that happens everywhere, every millisecond in the universe or multiverse, you cannot say with certainty that something didn't happen or doesn't exist.

It doesn't matter if skeptics claim that trying to flip the burden of proof makes it a double-negative. They can call it a double scoop of ice cream if they want, but it doesn't change the fact that a skeptic who religiously follows holy science scripture cannot say that something didn't happen or doesn't exist if he wants to be taken seriously. All he can do is state his beliefs like the rest of us. If he wants to go beyond that and beat the rest of us over the head with a 'there is no proof, therefore it didn't happen or doesn't exist' hammer, the burden of proof automatically flips over to his side. It's not a big deal because skeptics love to 'debunk' things. If he can get an adequate result, he'll have a shivering joygasm and all will be right with the world again in his mind. He can go back to being clueless and the rest of us can keep having amazing experiences that would give most skeptics a hemorrhagic stroke.

Duane Alan Hahn [2011y_03m_06d]

You may have wondered how I spend my time and where I go. There is a lovely spot in the country which I never tire of visiting. It is on the side of a mountain, not far from my own city. There is a little road winding round a hill, and just above the road is a hut, a roofed enclosure with the lower side open. Sometimes I stay there for hours and listen to the rippling of the brook which runs beside the road. The tall slender trees have become like brothers to me. At first I cannot see the material trees very clearly; but I go into the little hut which is made of fresh clean boards with a sweet smell, and I lie down on the shelf or bunk along the wall; then I close my eyes and by an effortor no, it is not what I would call an effort, but by a sort of driftingI can see the beautiful place. But you must know that this is in the night time there, and I see it by the light of myself. That is why we travel in the dark part of the twenty-four hours, for in the bright sunlight we cannot see at all. Our light is put out by the cruder light of the sun.

The ghost of David Patterson Hatch from To Those About to Die: Letters from a Living Dead Man

Do not disregard your dreams about the dead. They always mean something. They do not always mean what the dream would seem to signify; for the door between the two worlds is very narrow, and thoughts are often shaken out of place in passing through. But dreams about the dead mean something. We can reach you in that way.

The ghost of David Patterson Hatch from To Those About to Die: Letters from a Living Dead Man

We've actually resuscitated organisms that have been in the ice for over 50,000 years.

Lonnie Thompson, Ph.D. (paleo-climatologist, Ohio State University) from the H2 program Civilization Lost


Is reviving ancient organisms from ice core samples a good idea? What if his team discovers something that modern man can't handle and it gets out? What is the biosafety level of his lab?

Opinion by Duane Alan Hahn


In Case You Didn't Know


Trump's Jab = Bad

Did you know that Trump's rushed experimental rona jab has less than one percent overall benefit? It also has many possible horrible side effects. Some brainwashed rona jab cultists claim that there are no victims of the jab, but person after person will post what the jab did to them, a friend, or a family member on web sites such as Facebook and Twitter and they'll be lucky if they don't get banned soon after. Posting the truth is “misinformation” don't you know. Awakened sheep might turn into lions, so powerful people will do just about anything to keep the sheep from waking up.


Check out these videos:

What is causing the mysterious self-assembling non-organic clots?

If You Got the COVID Shot and Aren't Injured, This May Be Why

Full Video of Tennessee House of Representatives Health Subcommittee Hearing Room 2 (The Doctors Start Talking at 33:28)



H Word and I Word = Good

Take a look at my page called The H Word and Beyond. You might also want to look at my page called Zinc and Quercetin. My sister and I have been taking those two supplements since summer of 2020 in the hopes that they would scare away the flu and other viruses (or at least make them less severe).



B Vitamins = Good

Some people appear to have a mental illness because they have a vitamin B deficiency. For example, the wife of a guy I used to chat with online had severe mood swings which seemed to be caused by food allergies or intolerances. She would became irrational, obnoxious, throw tantrums, and generally act like she had a mental illness. The horrid behavior stopped after she started taking a vitamin B complex. I've been taking Jarrow B-Right (#ad) for many years. It makes me much easier to live with.



Soy = Bad

Unfermented soy is bad! “When she stopped eating soy, the mental problems went away.” Fermented soy doesn't bother me, but the various versions of unfermented soy (soy flour, soybean oil, and so on) that are used in all kinds of products these days causes a negative mental health reaction in me that a vitamin B complex can't tame. The sinister encroachment of soy has made the careful reading of ingredients a necessity.



Wheat = Bad

If you are overweight, have type II diabetes, or are worried about the condition of your heart, check out the videos by Ken D Berry, William Davis, and Ivor Cummins. It seems that most people should avoid wheat, not just those who have a wheat allergy or celiac disease. Check out these books: Undoctored (#ad), Wheat Belly (#ad), and Eat Rich, Live Long (#ad).



Negative Ions = Good

Negative ions are good for us. You might want to avoid positive ion generators and ozone generators. A plain old air cleaner is better than nothing, but one that produces negative ions makes the air in a room fresher and easier for me to breathe. It also helps to brighten my mood.



Litterbugs = Bad

Never litter. Toss it in the trash or take it home. Do not throw it on the ground. Also remember that good people clean up after themselves at home, out in public, at a campsite and so on. Leave it better than you found it.



Climate Change Cash Grab = Bad

Seems like more people than ever finally care about water, land, and air pollution, but the climate change cash grab scam is designed to put more of your money into the bank accounts of greedy politicians. Those power-hungry schemers try to trick us with bad data and lies about overpopulation while pretending to be caring do-gooders. Trying to eliminate pollution is a good thing, but the carbon footprint of the average law-abiding human right now is actually making the planet greener instead of killing it.


Eliminating farms and ranches, eating bugs, getting locked down in 15-minute cities, owning nothing, using digital currency (with expiration dates) that is tied to your social credit score, and paying higher taxes will not make things better and “save the Earth.” All that stuff is part of an agenda that has nothing to do with making the world a better place for the average person. It's all about control, depopulation, and making things better for the ultra-rich. They just want enough peasants left alive to keep things running smoothly.


Watch these two YouTube videos for more information:

CO2 is Greening The Earth

The Climate Agenda



How to Wake Up Normies

Charlie Robinson had some good advice about waking up normies (see the link to the video below). He said instead of verbally unloading or being nasty or acting like a bully, ask the person a question. Being nice and asking a question will help the person actually think about the subject.


Interesting videos:

Charlie Robinson Talks About the Best Way to Wake Up Normies

Georgia Guidestones Explained

The Men Who Own Everything

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Repel grey aliens with winged sun disks.


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Overlooked Aspects of the Alien Presence

Offering two false choices is the surest way of manipulating someone into making a bad decision. We must be on guard for false dichotomies, opposites that only appear to be so on the surface.


Discerning Alien Disinformation

In less than a decade, mankind will be confronted with undeniable public disclosure of the alien presence.


Where are the Good Guys?

The Forces of Light do more to show the door than to force people to walk through it. That is the idea behind the Law of Non-Interference.


Physical vs Metaphysical Conspiracy

This makes no sense to those stubbornly stuck in the physical ways of doing things.


Symbolic Messages

When these clues come to your attention, see them as simply asking you to check up on the issue they communicate.


Interesting Subjects


What If?

Some people say that we exist everywhere at the same time (similar to Blanket Truth). According to them, if we were advanced enough, we could untether our focus from one spot in the universe and appear in any other, no matter how far away it is. If that is true, what if some advanced aliens can feel the presence of other intelligent life in the universe and appear there instantly, at the speed of thought?


Flat Earth

Below is a comment I made under a Flat Earth video at YouTube. There is a reply below it from somebody who agreed with me. The video was deleted soon after, so nobody else got a chance to reply.


I've been to the ocean and watched ships slowly drop out of sight in the distance. I've seen the sun shine on the bottom of clouds as it was setting. Those two simple observations prove to me that the Earth is round.



Me too, and I brought binoculars to prove that once it is no longer visible with the naked eye, binoculars will not suddenly make the ship re-appear. The only way to regain sight of a ship that has gone beyond your visible horizon is to gain height. More proof that the earth is round. If you're on the east coast, watch the sun begin to peak over the horizon, then sit down and watch it begin to peak over the horizon. If on the west coast, sit and watch the sun drop below the horizon, then stand up and watch it drop below the horizon again. More proof the earth is round.

Pha Q


David Icke

Below is one of the best replies about David Icke that I've read on YouTube.


[David Icke] was Goal Keeper in an English Soccer Team and discovered that there is more money in the conspiracy theorist market.



I'm always sceptical of people who bring up the 'he's doing it for money' line. Icke was a laughing stock in England because of what the media and idiots like you did to him, it was decades before he made any money out of his writing.

As well as being a pro player he also worked as a TV anchorman and a Green Party spokesman, before waking up to the true nature of things. Now he is shaking people up to what is going on.

It's easy to criticise others, but what have you done with your life?




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