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The Best Bird Feeder

An ornithologist helped design the Wildbills (not Wildbill's) Electronic BirdFeeder and that's probably why it's one of the best looking, best designed bird feeders ever made. It's also the best squirrel-proof bird feeder invented so far.


This bird feeder is wider at the top with incrementally smaller sections below. The perches are placed so that no bird is directly above another. At the bottom is a ground feeder seed tray with drainage holes.


When squirrels and other pests touch two metal parts on the feeder, they get a harmless sting and are trained to stay away. It's safe for birds because of the way their bodies are designed. Requires a 9 volt battery (not included). But forget about the squirrel-proof feature for a moment, if birds could design a bird feeder, it would look like the Wildbills Bird Feeder.


If you watch birds for a while, you will see that they don't really like perching directly below other birds (for obvious reasons, plop). As I said above, Wildbills Bird Feeders are designed so that no bird is directly over another one and that means that they can have a less stressful meal.

Learn more about the Wildbills Electronic BirdFeeder at







Garden of the Future Today

EarthBox is simply the easiest gardening system ever developed. It automatically grows bumper crops of vegetables, flowers, and herbs (anywhere there's sunlight) without any work or gardening experience required! Self watering, self feeding, 100% natural and Earth friendly, no weeding ever!

Learn more about EarthBox at







Don't Rake it, Shake it

The Shake slides onto most any push shovel (snow shovel) and turns it into a 'push rake'. The patented Shake can clear the lawn faster than any rake on the market, and believe it or not, faster than any leaf blower. Say goodbye to leaf blower noise or backbreaking work with traditional rakes; just quickly and quietly glide along the yard. Shake up those leaves in no time and get on with your life.

The Shake Push Rake






The Good and the Bad

Negative ions are good for us. You might want to avoid positive ion generators and ozone generators. Whenever I need a new air cleaner (with negative ion generator), I buy it from A plain old air cleaner is better than nothing, but one that produces negative ions makes the air in a room fresher and easier to breathe. It also helps to brighten my mood.

Never litter. If you can't find a trash can, take it home and throw it away there.

Hydrofracking is bad for you, your family, your friends, and the environment.

Some people appear to have a mental illness because they have a vitamin B deficiency. I take B-Right.

Unfermented soy is bad! “When she stopped eating soy, the mental problems went away.”

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